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Review | 2017 Fatyak Samos SUP

Key Features

At the rear of the deck there is also a small riveted bracket for attaching a leash (not supplied). It is positioned well, at an obvious angle into its recess to provide a firm lashing point that won't catch your foot should you step further back off the board, behind the deck pad.

On either side of the board, there is a further black plastic (Fatyak branded) handle riveted into a large recess. They help with manoeuvring the board on shore or onto a roofrack and of course, out on the water, where they can act as a hand-hold if lying on the board or pulling yourself onto it should you fall off. Behind these robust handles, the Fatyak logo which is fast becoming synonymous with rotationally moulded watersport products.

Two curved channels running either side of the front three-quarters of the deck, to the nose of the board, provide some water drainage and there is a deeply recessed plug at the rear, to allow for drainage of any water ingress into the rigid plastic shell. Due to the construction of the rotationally moulded design however, it is unlikely to be an issue as there are no joins and no seams.

Turning the board over we find the two channels are repeated on the underside and lying adjacent to these, a further tapered channel which travels to toward the rear. There is a deep wishbone shaped recess which cleverly acts against natural yarding as the paddler strokes, to help keep a straight line and as it splits, it provides support for a natural stance. The board then tapers off to further improve flow and aid tracking. With a slight rocker, the underside of the Samos, whilst more subtle, is not dissimilar to a Fatyak kayak in its design although it is noted that it's thinner than most rotationally moulded SUPs, overall.

We also find a custom 10.5" box for a standard fin. It's riveted in place and the (supplied) fin slots securely home. It's not impetrative to use one of course, but it does help to keep the nose straight.

Overall, the Samos is clearly a well-thought out design from the Fatyak team and we were keen to get it out on the water.

Fatyak Samos Fatyak Samos

Unfortunately there had been some delay due to the typical British Summer providing choppy seas around the North Devon coast, even when the sun did make a fleeting appearance. Turbulent waters subside and the opportunity presents itself, not flat calm but good enough for a quick paddle around the bay nonetheless.

Its girth soon fades as carrying it to the shoreline using the deck grip is extremely easy; it isn’t too cumbersome to carry the board under one arm, leaving a free hand for the paddle.

The Ruk Paddle is a strong choice and it is lightweight and adjustable. That it was provided as part of the package, makes it all the more favourable.

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