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Experience | Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world - the fusion of windsurfing, wakeboarding and surfing. These disciplines, mixed with other influences, create the wildest new water sport for years.

The sport was originally popularised by French and Hawaiian stars in early 1999. The UK scene is now growing from a small group of about 12 kite surfers at the beginning of 1999 to approximately 7,000 kitesurfers in the UK today.

The Devon coastline is excellent for kitesurfing; however the same area is also seriously important for wildlife. This importance brings with it regulations that protect such areas and a therefore kitesurfing can’t fail to get the attention of those whose job it is to ensure these wildlife areas are protected from disturbance and damage. With this in mind please respect the coastline and only kitesurf in designated areas.

The British Kite Surfing Association (BKSA)

The association was formed in June 1999 to communicate information about the sport amongst the practitioners and other interested parties. The BKSA recommends that any person who wants to kite surf should first obtain minimum competence skills. Those are competent kite flying on land then water skills finally combined to basic kite surfing proficiency.

Kitesurfing must never be attempted unless you are a competent swimmer, hold third party insurance and have undertaken proper lessons from a BKSA/IKO qualified instructor.

Devon Outdoors
Devon Outdoors

Voluntary Code of Conduct

:: Be sure that you can handle the prevailing weather conditions and never sail in offshore winds - if in doubt don’t go out!

:: The upwind rider gives way to the downwind rider.

:: The rider on the port tack, gives way to the rider on the startboard tack.

:: Kitesurfers using the seafront should give way to other water users and retreat to a safe zone outside of the navigational channel when other craft apprpach.

:: No matter how competent you are, or how good conditions look, never risk the safety of others.

:: Always maintain a 50-metre downwind safety zone between yourself and other craft. In the event of coming in to conflict with other water users, stabilise your kite at 12 o’ clock (the top of the wind window).

:: Never kitesurf within 50 metres upwind of any moored vessel, or in or near to bathing areas or swimmers.

:: When returning to the beach, give way to riders who are launching and never practice jumping on land or close to the beach.

Recommended Safety Guidelines

:: The BKSA strongly recommends that a helmet or quality head protector is worn at all times, whilst kite-surfing.

:: Check the local weather conditions before riding and ensure you fully understand the tidal currents and how they might affect the riding area. The currents off of many British seafronts can be more like a fast flowing river and are potentially dangerous.

:: If you lose your kite or board on the water always report you are safe to the rescue services so they do not waste time and : money searching for you. It is recommend that you write your name, address and contact number on all of your equipment.

:: Always keep your lines away from people, animals and craft on land or water. Do not leave your equipment unattended on the back and be polite to other beach users.

:: Always act in a responsible manner. If new or careless riders show up, talk to them with your friends about what’s at risk. Take the time to explain how to safely get in to the sport and where to obtain adequate professional instruction.

click here to visit the BKSA

The kite surfing information on this site has been kindly provided by The British Kite Surfing Association (BKSA). If you are interested in taking up this exciting watersport please visit their website and contact them for further information.

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